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Day 1
Thursday, Oct 05 2017
Day 2
Friday, Oct 06 2017
Day 3
Saturday, Oct 07 2017
Day 4
Sunday, Oct 08 2017

Speed Networking

SPEED Networking is the best way to break the ice for conference delegates and get down to business. This workshop is a great mixer for delegates to learn about small...
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Sherri Rase

Collaborating with the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps sends the best and brightest Americans abroad on behalf of the United States to tackle pressing needs of people around the world. Volunteers work at the grassroots...
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Travis Bluemling

Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ+ Community

Participants will learn the dynamics of dating abuse and domestic violence with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community. Those who identify as LGBTQ+ are at risk for dating abuse and...
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Mary-Margaret Sweeney
Chris Handberg

Inclusive Sports

The importance of LGBTQ+ sports teams has a major impact on our community. Athletes who identify as LGBTQ+ may not participate in a sport if there is not an all-inclusive...
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Adam Ruppert

Sports Integration at Pride Festivals

Sport remains one of the most homo/bi/transphobic sectors of society globally. As more queer people take part in organized sport, antiquated stereotypes are increasingly being broken down. LGBT+ sports groups,...
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Martha Ehrenfeld
Leviathen Hendricks

Can InterPride Become Truly Global?

Since 2015, InterPride has developed an expanded Solidarity Fund with an annual call for proposals, a formal review process, a volunteer review committee and an international advisory committee. Since then,...
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Doug Kerr

Uprise Pride Movement in Latin America

In 2017 more than 250 cities in Latin America are celebrating Pride. Pride events are increasingly becoming tradition in urban spaces that highlight the diversity of queerness globally. The presentation...
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Emmanuel Temores

Whose Pride is it Anyway?

Recently, there has been an increase in debate around the purpose and intended audience of Pride events. Within the past year, we’ve seen protests in Toronto and DC regarding the...
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Michael Anthony Fowler
Jessie DeStefano

Growing Pains: The Successes and Pitfalls of Growing Pride

The LGBTQ+ Pride Movement has gained enormous momentum on the international stage in recent years. Pride Organizers are seeing exponential growth in many areas of the world, especially in the...
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Chris Morehead

Don’t Rain on Their Parade: LGBTQ+ Older Adult Inclusion

If it wasn’t for those who came before us, we would not have many of the rights we have gained today. Our movement is built on the backs of those...
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Paul D. Sanders

The Case for Businesses to Participate in LGBTQ+ Equality

This workshop discusses ways in which local businesses can and most likely will participate in activities to promote inclusion and diversity. In this political climate, there are several ways businesses...
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Kristin Kohn
Joshua Driver

Engaging Faith Organizations

In this interactive presentation, pride event organizers, board members and staff will learn practical techniques to engage churches and faith based organizations to increase their participation in and support of...
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Understanding Intersex 101

This presentation will introduce its participants to the gender identity Intersex and its 31 different conditions through lecture and personal narrative. Outcomes Participants will: Understand the basic definitions of Intersex...
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Leon Braxton

Diversity Where It Matters

Often organizations will say they are open to everyone but what does that truly mean and how can we engage all parts of our community? This workshop is designed to...
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Alejandro Victoria

Successful LGBTQ+ Human Rights Campaigning

Human Rights have become increasingly important within InterPride. Many Prides, big and small, are trying to find ways to include human rights issues in their programs. How can Prides have...
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Frank van Dalen

New Technology for Managing Your Board of Directors

Indianapolis has a high density of nonprofits and technology startups, which creates a launchpad-like environment for companies like Boardable. This presentation will cover the features and examine case studies of...
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Julie Heath

In-House Pride Guide

The Boston Pride Guide was formerly published in partnership with select local LGBTQ+ newspapers entrusted with the production and distribution of the Guide. Seeing a decline in the overall quality...
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Michael Anthony Fowler
Jessie DeStefano

Modern Security and Public Safety for Pride Festivals

It is important in our organizations to plan and prepare a public safety response to the unexpected. We will explore coordination with local, state, and federal agencies and what to...
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Dennis Gorg

The Global Accessibility Project: Inclusion of People with Disabilities at Pride Festivals

People with disabilities comprise the largest minority group in the world with approximately 15% of the global population living with some form of disability (World Health Organization, 2011). Furthermore, it...
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H.R. Jung
Elizabeth Longcore

Pride and Social Change in Rural Areas

Organizing an LGBTQ+ Pride organization in a rural community can be difficult, but is certainly possible given the right mission, strategy, and people. Small towns and rural areas have fewer...
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Jonathan Balash

Making Your Pride Organization Trans* Friendly

In this engaging and interactive workshop, learn some basics of the transgender experience, the importance of understanding the historical relationship between the LGB and T communities, and how to successfully...
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Gabrielle Claiborne

Pride 2.0

In last year there has been an increase on push back within the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to Pride events based on the perception of the festivals. In this...
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Frank van Dalen
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