Recently, new guidelines were issued to CDC officials restricting the use of several words in 2018 budget documents. In response, Indy Pride has issued the following statement:

Indy Pride is committed to advocating for policies that benefit our LGBTQA+ constituents. We stand in support of efforts that address vulnerable populations that serve the communities that have been stigmatized by these types of policies. We rebuke attempts to delegitimize the importance of recognizing the role diversity plays in effective community health strategies. Further, the continued attempt to target our trans communities is unacceptable. Policies removing the recognition of transgender individuals will only further disenfranchise a population that faces some of the most difficult challenges in our society. As a community, as a country, we must examine the motivation for these restrictions and assess the value of these limitations and effects on public health. Indy Pride believes that our only successful path forward to solving our most complicated community health issues relies on the development and implementation of effective, science-based strategies. The HIV epidemic is a perfect example of how stigma and prejudice against vulnerable populations led to a mishandling of one of the most serious public health crises of our time, and our society continues to pay a price, in both lives and financial resources.

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