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Leather Kink and Fetish - A Panel Discussion
Friday• February 17 • 7p
Greg's Indy

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Discover the history of leather from around the world and how it has evolved here in Indiana. This diverse panel offers perspectives on various fetishes & kinks as well as a break down on where we’ve been as a community and where we are heading.

Never explored leather before? That’s okay, this is the perfect place to learn more about it and to explore what exactly is appealing about leather. The panel will also be discussing how they personally got involved in the leather scene, and how they have come to feel the deep bonds of love and family from within the community. You also won’t want to miss out on the discussion of the practical application of how you can use leather in the bedroom or dungeon!

Other gear and fetish interests will be presented, and it’s rumored that there will be a flogging demo at some point throughout the night!

Eric Masters, Mr 501 Eagle 2016, Luis Tipantasig, Mr Chicago Leather 2015, Liam Matthews, Mr Indiana Leather 2017, Ms Kendra, owner/producer of GLLA & Ms Indiana Leather Pride 1996, Todd Harris, Mr Chicago Leather 2016.

Greg’s Indy

Friday, February 17th